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For the most up-to-date listing, please contact Chris Stagge at 877.374.0511 or region4ta@wifacets.org

6/26-6/28/17 Region 4 PTAC Joint Regional Conferece with Region 6 PTAC.  More information to follow. 
July 17-19 2017 OSEP Leadership Conference
Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA
12:00-1:00pm CST
1:00-2:200 EDT
Region 4 Cohort Webinar with Project Officer

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Archived Webinars

2/16/16 Region 4 Webinar:  Effectively Communicating Within a Multi-Generational Workplace.  Presented by:  Shirley Bufford, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Download Archived Webinar, Download Handout #1, Download Handout #2
2/4/16 CPIR Webinar:  ESSA: Preparing to Launch, 3:00-4:00pm EDT,

The archived webinar and handouts can be accessed here.


Region 4 Webinar: Legal Updates:  IDEA and Section 504, Presented by:  Ron Hager, NDRN, Download Archived Webinar

Download Powerpoint, Download Handout #1, Download Handout #2, Download Handout #3, Download Handout #4

2/25/15 Region 4 Cohort Webinar with OSEP Project Officer (Carmen Sanchez).  Topic:  Continuation & Final Reports, RPTAC Evaluation       Download Archived WebinarDownload Handout

Region 4 Tech Webinar:  Measuring Your Online Communications, Presented by:  Idealware

Download Archived Webinar, Download Handout

Region 4 Tech Webinar:  Best Practices for Email Newsletters, Presented by: Idealware

Download Archived Webinar, Download Handout


Region 4 Content Webinar:  Common Core Standards, Presented in collaboration with the North Central Regional Resource Center (NCRRC)  Download Powerpoint


Region 4/WI FACETS Webinar:  Parents Using Data - Engaging the Community through Data Sharing, Presented by:  Marsha Simon,Ph.D., Great Lakes Equity Center

Download Archived Webinar


Nonprofit Management Webinar:  Grant Writing:  Program Impact Booster, Presented by:  Nelson Soler

Download Archived Webinar (audio gets dramatically better after first two minutes), Slides, Handout #1, Handout #2, Handout #3


Region 4 Co-Hort Webinar with Project Officer, Topic:  Continuation & Final Reports 

Download Archived Webinar , Download Handout


OSEP Quarterly Call with Parent Centers, Topic:  OSEP Parent Center participation in initiatives to change education systems. 2:00-3:00pm CST / 3:00-4:00pm EST

Download Archived Webinar


Nonprofit Management Webinar: Grant Writing Refresher

Download Slides, Audio recording


OSEP SAP/ICC Webinar:  Back to Basics

Download Archived Webinar, Download Handouts


 Region 4 PTAC Nonprofit Webinar - Managing Agency Risk for Boards and Staff,   Download materials:  Slides, Handout #1, Handout #2, Handout #3, Handout #4  Download Archived Webinar



 Region 4 PTAC Nonprofit Webinar - Dashboards:  Informed Decision Making,  Download Materials:  SlidesHandout #1, Handout #2, Handout #3, Handout #4  Download Archived Webinar


 SAP/ICC Webinar:  The Role of Parents/Families as SSIP

Stakeholders, 2:00pm CST Download Archived Webinar and Handouts


Region 4 Webinar:  Moving Forward - How We Can Help You, Launch of New Region 4 PTAC at WI FACETS, 1:00-2:00pm CST  Download Archived Webinar / Download Powerpoint / Handout #1, Handout #2